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"We have a better understanding in what homeowners are seeking in their protection policy."
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What's Covered?

Air Conditioning
Zone Systems
Grilles and Registers

Kitchen Appliances
Range/Range Hood
Trash Compactor
Garbage Disposal

Water Leaks
Drain Leaks
Water Heaters
Water Softeners
Plugged Drains
In-Wall Repairs


Ceiling Lights
Ceiling Fans
Electrical Outlets
GFCI Outlets
Light Switches
Electrical Breakers
Bathroom Exhaust Fans
Door Bells
Garage Door Openers
Garage Doors
Attic Fans
Fire/Burglar Alarms
Interior Doors and Hardware
Exterior Doors and Hardware
Drywall Repairs
Interior Painting
Sump Pumps
Sprinkler Systems


Over $1.5 Billion is Spent on Home Warranties in the United States each year.

54% of those customers are Dissatisfied with their Home Warranty Company and the provided Services.
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I have had other home warranty companies in the past, but they always seem to find reasons in loop-holes not to cover things.  I haven't found that here at Americas 1st Choice.
  - Tom C. in Cedar Park, Texas

I like the fact that they use their own technicians to do all the repairs.  They aren't hiring sub-contractors that are undependable and try to find other things to charge for outside the coverage. 
  -  Amy L. - Austin, Texas

My family and I have never had to use them for actual repair or replacement service.  Probably because we do the maintenance they recommend and our products are lasting longer and our monthly rates are more reasonable.  We didn't even know that you should be doing regular maintenance on the dishwasher.  And because we do, my wife says the dishes are cleaner.  Thumbs up in our opinion as a company that knows their stuff.
  -Roger T. - Buda, Texas

We Highly Recommend Americas 1st Choice Extended Home Warranty.  We had no air conditioning when it was 105 degrees last summer and they were at our home in less than four hours.  They fixed the problem and only charged $75 for the deductible.  I know for a fact that an AC contractor would have dinged us for at least $300 for that same repair.
  -Larry and Liz T. - Georgetown, Texas

My son used marker on the wall in his bedroom.  I couldn't believe they covered this with no questions asked.  Americas 1st Choice came out, checked out the problem and painted the whole wall so it would match.  Unbelievable in my opinion.  Good Job and Well Done!  We actually increased our coverage due to this professionalism.
    - Sindy B. - Lakeway, Texas
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"We have a better understanding in what homeowners are seeking in their protection policy."
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